Guinea - Pigs


Guinea pigs are very social animals and would need to live in pairs or small groups, for some cage size requir ments visit:    either copy and paste it or click it.the perfect outdoor home is the Brecon 48, for 2/3 of them and the perfect indoor home is the nero 3 for 2/3 guinea pigs. they do like some extra room so the nero 4 would be excellent too! they are not nocturnal so will sleep when you sleep after a snack.they rarely bite, and eat quite allot of food. they do not like to be put near a television because they give off very high pitched sounds that hurt their ears but we cannot hear.they don't like to be placed near a radiator because they have to stick to a certain temperature that don't change much.they don't like to be placed near a window because its too drafty and can get cold.they do like to be put in a family room, where people are allot of he time, like the living room perhaps.they can be quite skittish, and can get scared pretty easily, normally with sudden movements.