Healthcare for Guinea Pigs

Cutting their claws:
using some claw clippers designed for guinea pigs and rabbits hold the guinea pig comfortabaly and if the their nails are white, you can see some pink in the nail, this is called the 'qik' it is a small vein that runs through the nail, dont cut into this, it will bleed, cut just before it, if the nails are black, just cut the tip off.

if the qik bleeds:
apply pressure with some soft tissue, then with a cotton wool bud, wet it and clean the nail.

bathng the guinea pig:
they will only need bathing every 3/4 months, about 3/4 times a year. put a sinkful of water or a bethful of water, warm water and only about 1-2 inches deep of water, put the piggy in and gently wet the fur upto the neck. use either proper guinea pig shampoo or baby shampoo, and rub it into the fur, including its ;egs, belly and back. then put it on a dry towel and replace the water, put the guinea pig back in and wash it out, dry him/her with a towel, or a low heat on a hair dryer.

brushing the guinea pig:
you can buy proper grooming sets and they should have full instructions on the packaging.

vets appointments:
they will need a vet check up a day after purchasing, to ensure it is healthy, take it in immediately if it appears sick or lethargic.