My Guinea Pigs and a guinea pigs diet

these are all my guinea pigs. Charkie ( daddy) is the BIG black one on the left and trixe (mummy) is the big one on the right. the 2 babies in the middle are their babies. the black baby is called Lola and the brown and white baby is called Konnie.DIET:ok this is a basic diet of a guinea pig that does not need any supplement if they are sick.- 90% of their diet is hay, they will need a non stop supply of either Timothy hay or Meadow hay, timothy is  better though.- they either need guinea pig muesli or guinea pig nuggets, i buy these from pets at home in the UK.muesli is fine but if they pick certain bits out then you should change their food to guinea pig pellets. keep these in a heavy ceramic bowl which they cannot tip up.- a fresh supply of water all the time in a water bottle.- they will need 1 hand/mugful of vegetables 2 times per day, as they cannot easily produce their vitamins.   vegetables and fruit they can at are:
savoy cabbage

sweetheart cabbage

romain lettuce
broccoli floret, leaves and the stalk can be eaten

cauliflower leaves

dandelion leaves

fresh grass