How to breed Guinea pigs

i am going to say how to breed them, although they should not be bred anymore, a huge percentage of guinea pigs are homeless, and 20% of guinea pigs died in birth, not including the babies, that is 2 in 10 mummy guinea pigs die when giving birth to the young.
the first rule of breeding is don't, they should not be bred and if you want to keep the babies as pets, then think how many might she have, will you be able to give them all the care and love they need, will any of them be sick, can i afford to take them all to the vet if they need them, would it be better to buy one instead of making more enter the world?????????
1 thing, why don't you buy a baby guinea pig instead of breeding more and bringing more unwanted animals into the world when there are ones in rescue centres that need a home, if your selling them, do you know you can find good homes for 2-7 babies on average? how to breed:

a male and female will have to stay with eachother for 5 weeks, females are fertile not very often for 16 days but only 8 hours of that they can get pregnant.
in the first 4 weeks or pregnancy not many signs of pregnancy are noticable, except an increasemnt on weight. in the 5th week, her belly turns to a pear shape.
in the 6th weeks, you may be able to feel the babies kicking.
in the  7th their is more weight and by this stage she should of almost doubled in weight or put on about 400 grams at least.
between the 8th and 10th week they might give birth, at this stage, handle her less, give her extra food and bedding to make it more comfotable, bring her food closer to her bed, or her bed closer to her water bottle and put her food their too, they are more uncomfotable, and high unactive.
when she has given birth don't hold the babies until they are at least 1 day old. if she abandones 1, usually the runt, feed it 5ml of sherly's lactol milk, usually found in pet stores like pets at home for around £6.00 and give it 5ml every 1 and a half hours, it will eat solid food from birth aswell. females are sexually mature at 4 weeks and males at 3, take the males away at 3 weeks and the females can stay with mummy as she would of stopped feeding them between 3 and 4 weeks after birth. they can be sold at 8 weeks but advertise when they are 4 weeks, so people have time to think. mummy pig should not be bred again and she cannot be bred before 4 months and should have her first litter by 8 months as the babies cannot pass through because her pelvic bines would have closed and this could cause fatal birth complications.
be aware that baby guinea pigs may die and so might mummy pig.